MMES is committed to ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees and of any other person who may be affected by any operations we are carrying out across all and any work areas.

We work tirelessly to work collaboratively with all our partners to implement, monitor and maintain the highest possible Health and Safety Standards at all times. This dedication to our health and safety strategy ensures the safety of our employees, visitors and more.

MMES company ethos is inclusive and driven bottom-up and top-down with absolute openness enabling confidence that any team member can raise any issue with total respect and understanding. We ensure our employees know that all and any issue is important and will be taken into consideration.

We work proactively with all our clients and subcontractors to implement the highest possible Health and Safety standards. These standards are implemented on all of our project sites and in all of our facilities. We want to ensure smooth sailing for our projects, which is why we invest our time, resources and efforts into maintaining and improving our health and safety guidelines.

Key Considerations:

  • Site Preparation

We carry out a full assessment of the site prior to commencing any works to ensure the safety of our employees, clients and visitors.

  • Risk Assessments

MMES undergo full risk assessments of any potential risks, which prepares our team in an emergency.

  • Safety Inspections

Our supervisors are fully trained in all aspects of on-site health and safety requirements and undertake regular checks to ensure compliance.

  • Continuous Improvement

MMES always liaises with all staff and customers to ensure all aspects of any work is carried out and completed in compliance with all current health and safety regulations.

We also make considerable investments and improvements to our staff training and equipment to ensure MMES improves all aspects of our processes and practices to ensure safety up-to-date, effective and abides by current industry guidelines.