MMES offer turnkey installations in many fields from HV incomers and switchgear, transformers, distribution switchboards, robust containment systems installed to suit industries and atmospheres, Sub main cabling and local distribution, production line power systems.

Our electrical engineering services cover the study, application, and design of devices, equipment, and systems that utilise electricity, electromagnetism, and more. We do cover many services within this category.

Earthing, Earth monitoring systems, lightning protection systems are all provided by design and specification for detailed client scopes and verified for compliance with British Standards.

We can install an array of ancillary systems, including fire alarm, emergency lighting, access control and CCTV, Data wiring, BMS, Lift systems and machine control and safety operations, standby power systems.

Our services also include the fabrication of bespoke panels and assemblies to the client’s specifications.

We can also carry out periodic inspections and maintenance, depending on your requirements.

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